Our milling section consists of thirteen Giddings & Lewis PC horizontal boring and milling machines, all installed within the last ten years, three Alesa Monti MCS 100 CNC Horizontal Borers installed between 2011 and 2013 and a MTE BF2200CNC Bed Mill installed in 2007.

The horizontal borer is production centre for heavy milling, precision boring, drilling, tapping and two or three axis countouring.


 Giddings & Lewis Horizontal Borer Type PC50T (10 Off)

Spindle Dia - 5.118"
Spindle Travel - 36"
Headstock Travel - 76"
Table Size - up to 120" x 60"
Cross Travel - up to 96"
Saddle Travel - Up to 110"
CNC Control - Numeripath 8000


Giddings & Lewis Horizontal Borer Type PC40 (3 Off)


Spindle Dia - 4.330
Spindle Travel - 30"
Headstock Travel - 72"
Table Size - up to 72" x 48"
Cross Travel - up to 72"
Saddle Travel - Up to 48"
CNC Control - Numeripath 8000



Additional Equipment For CNC Borers


Gun Drilling Atachments

All of our milling machines have the equipment for gun drilling.

Our gun drills range from 0.125" diameter up to 1.250" diameter. In some cases, we can drill up to 50" deep.

CNC Contouring Heads

All thirteen machines have use of either CH8, CH16 or CH26 Davis contouring heads for contour boring and turning profiles, grooving and screwcutting.

CNC Outfacing Bars

These bars are used for the production of valve seat pockets and cover a wide range of sizes to suit all oilfield valves.

CNC Rotary Tables

5 off CNC rotary tables up to 39 inch DIA with face plate attachments up to 60" DIA. These tables can be used for accurate positioning or for power milling operations. The tables can be mounted horizontally or vertically for added versatility.


Internal Milling Attachments

Designed and manufactured at Belmar. These attachments are use for milling internal profiles and drilling and tapping internal holes.


Ejector Drilling

For large diameter, deep hole drilling up to 3" diameter.



Alesa Monti MCS100 (3 off)


CNC Horizontal Borer

Spindle Dia - 110mm
Spindle Travel - 600mm
Headstock Travel - 1500mm
Table Size - 1100mm X 1200mm (CNC Rotary)
Cross Travel - 2000mm
Saddle Travel - 1000mm
CNC Control - Heidenhain iTNC530



600mm diameter CNC rotary table (can be mounted vertically or horizontally)
Contouring Facing head
Internal milling attachments
Gun drilling attachments


MTE BF 2220 CNC Bed Mill



Table size - 2200mm X 1000mm
Vertical Travel - 1000mm
Cross Travel - 1000mm
Saddle Travel - 2000mm (CNC Rotary)
Cross Travel - 2000mm
Saddle Travel - 1000mm
CNC Rotary table - 800mm Dia
CNC Control - Heidenhain iTNC530


Automatic contouring head allowing horizontal, vertical and angled machining.

Internal milling / drilling attachment

Gun Drilling attachment



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