The Company’s welding capability includes four fully automated weld cladding stations which were relocated in a purpose built workshop in 2013. During relocation, three of the the cladding rigs were upgraded to full CNC control, while the fourth which incorporates the latest Twin Arc, Rotary Head, Hot Wire GTAW System was purchased and installed from new. The rotary head system eliminates the need for precise setting-up of components on welding turntables thus saving valuable set-up time.

This welding process is supported by an extensive range of Weld Procedure Specifications which include performing weld overlays with requisite Parent Metal, Stainless Steel or Inconel consumables. All weld procedures are approved and endorsed by both Clients and Certifying Authorities. These Welding Procedures are instrumental in the provision of corrosion resistant overlays in both the manufacture of quality new parts and the reclamation of worn or damaged components.

Rotary Head Weld Cladding

PEC Multiclad Rig


NC controlled Mig/Tig Rotary head

50%-100% faster than rotary table rigs

Installed 2013

Rotary Table Weld Cladding 

Upgraded to full CNC control in 2013



Heat Treatment Furnaces

Stress relieving ovens

Stress relieving ovens ranging from 1700mm x 1000mm x 700mm

to 3000mm x 2500mm x 1700mm