Workshop Facilities

Belmar has three custom built workshops.

The first and main workshop was built in 1986. Prior to expansion, it housed all the machining and welding facilities under one roof. The workshop covers an area of 16878 sq/ft split into two sections with 5 cranes up to 20 tonne lifting capacity.

An extension was added in in 1995 to locate the stores and toolroom facilities freeing up space for new machinery.

Since the opening of the newest building in 2013, the welding department was moved and the space filled with new machinery.



The second machine shop was built in 2002. It houses lighter machinery.

It covers an area of 7714 sq/ft and has two cranes with a lifting capacity of 3 tonne



The third workshop was built in 2013, has a floor space of 12750 sq/ft and has 2 cranes with a lifting capacity of 10 tonnes.

The Upper Workshop is split into two sections, one half is dedicated to the welding department. The other half houses the steel stock and saw. it is also used for storage and final part inspection.